The Mind. The Ground.

There’s no where to run. No where to hide.
I’m inside you. I’m the demon in your heart.
Polluting your gorgeous soul.
Who am I?

I am your mind. Or am I?
I am the one that keeps you awake at night.
I am your computer, your phone, your internet, your friends.
The one that keeps you coming for more.
Am I really your mind? Or am I just some unhealthy part of you called addiction.
Or maybe I am your mind. The mind that is super highly intelligent.
So heighten. Heighten to the point that I defy.
I defy the very laws of nature – a force called gravity.
I float so high…..I just keep, floating.
Floating. Lost in space. Not knowing where I’m going.
That is great, cause we all need to fly sometimes.
But what about the ground? The precious beautiful ground that we stand on, on our own two legs.
The legs that gives us the power to stand tall.
The legs that are vessels, vessels for us to channel the strength from nature, earth or whatever.

There will be no sky without the ground below.


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