I am a believer, an idealist, and a self-proclaimed lightworker. A journalist by day, a messenger by night.

Life is messy; it ain’t easy that’s for sure. Funny thing is….nobody really said it would be. I see people lose the light in their eyes as they grow up.

I’m just a person, who sees the value in keeping that light alive, making sure I don’t lose it myself. I’ve experience a lot of hardships and falling very sick lately was one of them. I am as healthy as any can be now, but being sick for 3 months made me realize how resilient I am. You see, nobody really realizes they’re a jewel until they’ve been dropped into a muddy pond.

In my blog, I shed light on the stories that call for attention. True stories that will make people smile, because….let’s face it; you’re too beautiful to frown. Being a journalist, gives me the opportunity to travel around the world where I unfortunately have to report on devastating news most of the time. But you know what the great thing is? In every devastating situation, a hero will emerge. This blog and I function as a platform to provide unsung heroes the recognition they deserve, while restoring faith in humanity at the same time. Gone are the days where the camera lens focuses on what’s going wrong. It’s time for the world to see what we’re doing right!

I also enjoy the arts. I enjoy capturing emotion in a piece of artwork. It can be through a photograph, a drawing or a piece of poetry. I am more well verse in words, therefore I write a lot of poetry. A few pieces of my poetry can be found on this blog. My writings are a way for me to channel and release what is negative or unwanted inside of me. So come join me on my journey!